Installation instructions

Getting the source

Up-to-date development version is available on GitHub at:

You can download the source using the following command:

$ git clone

If you intend to do development, it’s best if you make your own fork of the repository on GitHub.

SpectrumWars releases are also available from PyPi.

Setting up the testbed

If you would like to run Spectrum Wars on real hardware, you first have to setup the testbed. Follow the instructions in the appropriate section of Testbed-specific installation instructions.

Skip this step if you would only like to use Spectrum Wars with a simulated testbed.

Installing game controller

You need the following packages installed:

  • jsonrpc2-zeromq (pip install jsonrpc2-zeromq --user)
  • numpy (apt-get install python-numpy)
  • matplotlib (apt-get install python-matplotlib)

To install, run:

$ cd controller
$ python install --user

To run unit tests shipped with the code:

$ python test

Note that to run the testbed-specific tests, you need to have the testbed hardware connected and working at this point.

Tests that require hardware or optional external dependencies that were not found on the system are skipped (check the console output for any lines that say skip).


If you get errors like SandboxError: Can't find 'spectrumwars_sandbox' in PATH, check whether the scripts installed by are in your PATH. They are usually installed into $HOME/.local/bin if you used the --user flag as suggested above.

Building HTML documentation

You need the following software installed to build documentation:

  • Sphinx (apt-get install python-sphinx)

To rebuild documentation run:

$ cd docs
$ make html

Index page is created at _build/html/index.html.